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Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers

Contrary to popular belief, prenuptial agreements improve the odds of a successful marriage. Prenuptial agreements generate conversations about preexisting finances and assets which are vital to the comprehensive understanding partners should desire. Preparing contingencies, should the future not be as couples may intend, is inherently intelligent and imminently cohesive.

The clear exit strategy produced by a prenuptial agreement eliminates the confusion, doubt and insecurity that may otherwise mutate into misunderstandings, anger and emotional legal battles that ultimately affect children, extended families and friends in a very undesirable and permanent fashion.

Every couple should know each other’s finances intimately. After all, finances are the primary cause for marital problems, therefore a prenuptial agreement is essential to enhance the success of your marriage.

Prenuptial agreements can include:

  1. Asset division: Each spouse can retain individual ownership and control of the property they bring into the marriage.
  2. Division of debt: Each spouse will be responsible for their own debts, accumulated before and during the marriage.
  3. Alimony payments: You can determine in advance how much, if any, alimony would be paid in the event of a divorce.