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Mediation is a process of reaching a resolution in which attorneys for both parties agree upon a mutually selected impartial and neutral person, known as a mediator, to assist and negotiate issues fairly between the parties.

Because the mediation process grants all decision-making power strictly to the parties, it has become a very popular solution for divorce, family law and business disputes.

During mediation, the parties in dispute are represented by their own attorneys and given private rooms, separate from the opposing side. The mediator then takes meetings with both sides to ascertain everyone’s position and wishes. After the initial meeting, the mediator begins a negotiation process between the parties to arrive at an equitable resolution for all.

Resolutions reached in mediation are binding just like in a court of law.
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While court proceedings may take years to reach a decision, an experienced mediator will act as a moderator presenting mutually beneficial solutions so that all involved may return to a productive life within a day or two.