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Indian & South Asian Divorce

There are additional considerations for Indian and South Asian families seeking a divorce in the state of Georgia. The origination and status of assets held in foreign accounts, property in foreign countries as well as jewelry, gold and silver must be assessed. Divorce may also change the immigration status of certain visa holders. Our divorce attorney, Neena Saxena, has extensive experience assisting clients through these specialized divorces and speaks both Hindi and Urdu in addition to English. Neena intimately understands Indian and South Asian customs and helps clients in arranged marriages seeking a successful divorce.

Frequently Asked Questions

If my spouse and I were married in a foreign country and our marriage certificate was filed there, can we still get a divorce in the state of Georgia?

Yes, you can file for divorce if you and your spouse have resided in the state of Georgia for 6 months prior to filing for divorce.

If either of us have financial accounts, assets or property in a foreign country, how will they be considered in the divorce?

First, they will need to be valued and assessed. Then they will be divided equitably per Georgia divorce law.

If one of us is currently on an H1-B visa and the other is on an H-4 dependent visa, what will happen to the person on the H-4 dependent visa?

Once the divorce is finalized, the H1-B visa holder will no longer be able to carry the H-4 dependent visa holder. The H-4 dependent visa holder will need to determine the next steps in their immigration process.

How will jewelry, gold and silver coins and bricks be divided in the divorce?

If any of those items were gifts, they are not considered part of the marital estate. If they were purchased during the marriage and not as a gift, they will be considered marital assets and divided equitably.