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Family Law

Family law issues with ex-spouses when children are involved can be especially traumatic. The relationships you have with your children, family and friends are unavoidably affected. What was stressful before legal action may become absolutely intolerable.

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We ease your situation without sacrificing your position.
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Let our family law experts relieve some of stress and anxiety with effective methods which have proven successful in similar circumstances.

Our clients discover that their issues are resolved more quickly and with less cost at our law firm. Whenever possible will work with your ex-spouse to conclude critical child custody and support matters before they reach court.

Resolutions that accommodate all last longest. Let us help you get there with any issues concerning family law.

Divorce Modification

Divorce modification is a legal process in which the terms of divorce, such as alimony or child support and visitation rights are amended by the court. It is best to consult with an experienced family law attorney regarding divorce modification.

Modification of a Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is a child custody plan which includes a parenting time schedule for the children’s activities, school and transportation between the parent’s homes.

If you are presented with a notice of relocation from your co-parent, we can file a modification action prior to the relocation. This will ensure that the needs of your children are prioritized with a new parenting time schedule and updated child custody terms if necessary.

Child Custody

Traveling Out of State During Child Custody Litigation

A common request prior to and during child custody litigation is to travel out of state with your children. Travel restrictions are imposed by the court during child custody cases. However, travel is permitted if your co-parent agrees to it or if you secure permission from the court; we can help you with both.