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Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

We are domestic violence defense attorneys who take this potential felony charge very seriously, and so should you. A domestic violence conviction can reduce or possibly even revoke visitation rights to your children, your right to keep and bear arms, your right to vote, and even your freedom. So, it is vital to both you, and your children’s future to present the best defense for a domestic violence charge possible. We urge you to call us immediately to discuss a strategy to protect and preserve your rights.

The Georgia Family Violence Act

In Georgia, domestic violence is considered “family violence” and the Georgia Family Violence Act is a law written to protect spouses, children and other persons living in the same household from abuse. The court may issue a Family Violence Protective Order which can award temporary child custody, file restraining and protective orders as well as assist with financial support.

Modification of a Protective Order

Often times, a Protective Order is extremely broad and can prevent you from speaking to your spouse, visiting your children or returning to your home. Domestic violence cases are frequently conducted in tandem with a pending divorce case. While these cases must be resolved separately, it is possible to reach an agreement in the divorce case which also includes resolution to the domestic violence case.

At Patterson Moore Butler, our attorneys have been successfully resolving divorce, family law and criminal defense cases in Forsyth County for many years.

While we work to modify the Protective Order, our primary objective will be having the case dismissed altogether. If dismissal of the domestic violence case is not possible, our focus will be preventing it from becoming a permanent part of your record.