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Criminal Defense

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We practice all types of criminal law. No matter how serious the offense, you are presumed innocent of any charge until proven guilty by a court of law. That is where we come in.

As former prosecutors with the district attorney’s office, our clients find us uniquely qualified to navigate the criminal courts of Forsyth County.

We are privy to and prepared for the strategies faced in the criminal courts. We are proud to be among the very best criminal lawyers in Cumming, Georgia.

DUI & DWI Defense

Our DUI defense team, led by partner E. Logan Butler, is uniquely qualified to defend against DUI charges, having undergone the same training for standardized field sobriety testing that the police use in DUI and DWI investigations.

In addition to a field sobriety test, you may be asked to participate in a preliminary breath test which is entirely voluntary however it may not be presented to you as such.

Call us at your earliest convenience to get the facts and for the best possible DUI defense.

Learn more about DUI penalties, the difference between a preliminary breath test and a Breathalyzer test as well as Georgia’s implied consent law on our DUI defense page.

Domestic Violence Defense

In Georgia, domestic violence is considered “family violence” and therefore subject to the Georgia Family Violence Act. If convicted, consequences may include loss of child visitation rights, your right to keep and bear arms, your right to vote and more. We will work to reduce and when possible, dismiss family violence charges to restore your rights and guard your permanent record.

Learn more about domestic violence charges and the consequences of conviction under the Georgia Family Violence Act on our domestic violence defense page.