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Amicable Divorce

An amicable divorce won’t ruin your finances or lifestyle like a costly, emotionally charged traditional divorce can. If you and your partner can agree to some basic terms for the divorce, you may end your marriage very quickly at a much lower cost than you might think.

Amicable divorce is a low-conflict, efficient and cost-effective method of divorce without the need for expert witnesses and the airing of dirty laundry as in the very public divorce court.

The Amicable Divorce Process

Each spouse engages an attorney who has been certified in the amicable divorce process. As with a traditional divorce, your attorney will advise you and engage in negotiation on your behalf. Unlike in a traditional divorce where the attorneys create and exacerbate conflict, amicable divorce attorneys are actively committed to working together toward resolution without destructive and costly litigation.

The object of amicable divorce is for each party to make sacrifices and meet each other halfway to minimize costs and retain the bulk of the property and finances instead of seeing it wasted on a protracted and hateful battle no one wins. All issues including financial obligations, child custody and housing arrangements are agreed to and settled prior to filing the divorce paperwork.